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Turn your passion for home health care into a successful business
Our team of experts can create a business plan for you that will not only impress lenders and investors but also serve as a roadmap for success!

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Get Started with the Top-Rated Business Plan Writing Service for Entrepreneurs.

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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start A Home Care or Home Healthcare Business

Work directly with an experienced business consultant that understands your business, market, and target consumers.

Our team will customize your business plan materials to fit your needs and make it easy for banks and investors to see the value in your business model.

We will also provide your personal insight, advice, and additional resources to help launch your business and fast-track your success.

The Home Care and Home Healthcare Industry is  Booming

The primary factor is the aging of America. According to projections from the US Census Bureau, the number of people over 65 will grow from 43 million in 2012 to 84 million by 2050, rising from 14% of the population to 21%.


Older people need both greater quantities and greater complexity of healthcare services – both of which contribute to the need for more healthcare workers.

More than just business plans, we help you with other startup resources to accelerate your business launch
Professional Business Plan
Investor Pitch Deck

What is Hamilton Business Consulting?

Hamilton Business Consulting is a full-service business consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs plan, launch and establish successful businesses.

Our certified consultants have hands-on entrepreneurial experience and academic degrees in business. They have in-depth industry expertise and knowledge across multiple business sectors. We have worked directly with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners like you to transform their concepts and ideas into real businesses.

Our team of consultants has over 30 years of business experience. We can assist you with everything you need to start or grow your company, from business plan creation and startup consulting to online marketing and brand development.

Our business plans have helped our clients raise more than $60 Million in bank, investor, and nonprofit funding.

In addition to our professional business plan writing services, we offer business mentoring to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

Bryant "Coach Hamilton" Jarrett
Founder and CEO


Mary Jean Alsina - Owner  The Canine Cure

This experience has FAR surpassed my expectations. I am in the midst of a 90 day program with Coach Hamilton and within a week, I had life-changing results in my business and generate a substantial amount more in income . I am so glad I chose to work with him

Todd P.  - President 
Perk Consulting

There are business coaches and then there is Coach Hamilton!  I am not easily impressed  but Coach Hamilton was fantastic and taught me several things to take scale and grow my business, especially in the areas customer acquisition and marketing.

Shantal King - CEO
King Real Estate

Screenshot 2023-01-22 180535.png
Coach Hamilton's guidance allowed me to build a business where I can combine my skills and knowledge with my strengths and creative passions. Not only is he brilliant at sales, marketing, and branding, but he is also able to bring out the best in you and help take you to the next level.

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Schedule your consultation and see why thousands of entrepreneurs trust Hamilton Business Consulting to create their business plans.

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