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We will work with you one-on-one to build the right business launch strategy for your startup. In my 90-Day Successful Business Startup Program, we will work together to create and implement the right strategies for your business to:

  • Develop and test your business concept and model

  • Help you create a buyer persona for your target market to understand their pain points and buying triggers

  • Ensure you have market acceptance for your products and services so your business launches successfully

  • Ensure your business is properly and legally set up to operate and sell your products and services

  • Help you create an effective operational model and business plan

  • Help you develop a pre and post-launch sales and marketing strategy

  • Set up the right social media strategy that informs and drives your target audience to your website and business

  • Create a brand that your customers connect with, trust, and refer others to

  • If needed, we will also create a professional business plan or an investor pitch deck. We've helped our clients raise a combined total of over $60 Million in bank and investor funding.  



Click the BOOK NOW  button below to schedule a complimentary consulting session to discuss the right strategy to launch your business. 

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